Monday, January 14, 2008

Pete Toms to Baseball Digest Daily

Anyone who has hung around ShysterBall for a spell knows frequent-commenter Pete Toms and, if they have a lick of sense, have bookmarked his blog, A Baseball Geek, which has been on my blogroll since almost day one. Pete's expertise lies in the business of baseball, but he's well-versed in just about everything. Unlike most web-writers (present company included), Pete brings a healthy sense of perspective to the table and realizes that not every player quote and pundit belch is worthy of hand-wringing and obsession. Of course he's Canadian, so he has a leg up on most of us when it comes to basic horse sense.

Good news for Pete: he's now a member of the Baseball Digest Daily team, and will be contributing a weekly column. This first one is here.

Congratulations, Pete!

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Jason said...

Nice work, Pete!!!