Friday, January 18, 2008

Money _ _ _ _

Michael Lewis likes to share.


Jason said...

I can't even think of the requisite jokes as I am still sitting here, clenched and uncomfortable.

Jokes later.

PS: I turned down the same invite as the thought of a needle to the 'boys' made me squeamish beyond belief.

Shyster said...

I'll say it loud: I'm snipped and I'm proud (top THAT for honesty in reporting, Dan Shaughnessy!).

Lewis is a baby.

Jason said...

Sorry, I just had a difficult (erased the word "hard") time coming to the realization (erased the word "grips") with putting the boat on dry-dock.

Instead, the wifey, who is MUCH braver than I evidently, took one for the team and had some work done.

As we like to say, "shop's closed".

Don Evans said...

I'm with Jason on this one .. if I am ever married someday, and my sponse and I collectively want to close shop .... SHE's the one going to the doctor !!

(unless she tells me otherwise :)

Richard Dansky said...

Of course, Joe Morgan probably thinks that it's Billy Beane who got snipped...