Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Whitey Ford's Warehouse Sale

The Chairman of the Board is unloading his schwag:
Whitey Ford decided it was time to clean out his attic - and his stash of pinstripe goodies could be worth a mound of cash. The legendary Yankee pitcher showed off an array of belongings that will go on the auction block, including a baseball President John F. Kennedy signed for Ford and his Hall of Fame induction plaque.

"When your house starts getting full and your kids don't have a place to sleep, it's time to get rid of stuff," said Ford, 79. The treasure trove also includes a signed photo of Mickey Mantle, Ford's rookie jersey and an authentic, used game glove.

The old Mantle-Ford-Martin bar tabs will be available for review prior to the auction as well. To inquire, please provide seventeen data CDs and allow several hours for downloading.

1 comment:

Don Evans said...

I might be lacking some perspective on this, but I would sure like to think you would want to keep alot of this stuff in the family. If I had a baseball signed for JFK I would certianlly want to pass that along to my children. Possibly he needs the money, or possibly he has so many other items that these aren't significant to him, but still .... I personally couldn't imagine giving away such items.