Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shanoff to The Sporting News

Dan Shanoff -- once an ESPN Page 2 fixture, but blogging for the last year or two -- has been snatched up by The Sporting News. Good for Dan! Dan's take as to the forces at work:

Near the end of 2007, there was a lot of attention paid in old sports media to old sports media journalists jumping online.The really exciting trend was, not unsurprisingly, left underreported by the mainstream media too fixated on bemoaning the state of their own industry: Mainstream sports media hiring bloggers, as they recognize the value that these new voices bring.

From Henry Abbott joining at the start of the year to Jamie Mottram jumping from AOL Fanhouse to Yahoo Sports to Will Leitch being a staple of the New York Times' Op-Ed pages, sports-blogger value is skyrocketing (as it should be), and the opportunities are emerging as mainstream media recognizes that value.

Let's hear it for rising tides.

Update: 100% Injury Rate is moving on to bigger things as well.

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You keep a'writing and we'll keep a'touting ya!