Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ryan to Become Rangers' President?

Maybe, according to this article. Ryan currently serves as Special Assistant to the General Manager of the Astros, but his contract expires next year so a move to Arlington is a possibility. That sound you hear is Jon Daniels self-confidence dropping through the floor.

More complicated: Ryan is the head of the ownership group of the Astros' AAA team in Round Rock (named the "Express" after him) and the AA team in Corpus Christi. What's more, his kids Reese and Reid are executives with the Express.

Query: if he becomes president of the Rangers, can he keep his ownership stake with the minor league clubs? I would assume so given that, unlike the conflict that would be created if he owned a stake in a major league team, a minor league owner doesn't stock the roster or do anything (that I can think of at least) that would present a conflict of interest with the Rangers. I'm quite sure I could be wrong about this, however, and equally sure someone will tell me if I am.

The team name and the presence of his boys in management are fun issues too, but given that this is Nolan Ryan we're talking about -- the only man with the possible exception of Willie Nelson who can get away with damn near anything he wants to in Texas -- I'm guessing this won't be a problem.

Petty note: I'm sure I'll look way worse at 61 than Ryan does above, but given that I haven't seen a picture of Ryan since those Advil commercials several years ago, his aged appearance was certainly jarring.

Not that he couldn't still kick Robin Ventura's ass . . .


Jason said...

I was pretty surprised when I saw Nolan on TV last night. "wow, he got old, fast" was exactly what I uttered.

Then again, I saw a picture of me a dozen years back and I thought the exact same thing. Stupid Father Time. Rot in hell.

Pete Toms said...

I was made aware when the Braves announced they are leaving Richmond that they own all but 1 - IIRC - of their affiliates. Is that analagous?

Bradley Ankrom said...

i thought the same thing about ryan. it doesn't feel like he's been out of the game THAT long.