Tuesday, January 8, 2008

McNamee's Side of the Story

Sports Illustrated's John Heyman has McNamee's most extensive comments since this all broke. Of note: McNamee says that he thinks Clemens would pass a lie detector test because "He might actually believe that he's telling the truth." Hurm. He also says that he believes Clemens when Clemens says that he had no knowledge of Andy Pettitte's HGH use.

There's obviously a lot more that needs to unfold, but I'm starting to believe that, rather than some head-on collision of contradictory assertions, McNamee and Clemens are going to do a lot of talking past one-another before Congress and in the course of their lawsuit. Ultimately, that may lead to a far more ambiguous resolution than many anticipate.


Chris H said...

Am I the only one who thinks that McNamee sounds less credible every time he speaks?

Hopefully he and Clemens keep speaking. I have my popcorn ready.

Also, is "hurm" a Rorschach reference?

Shyster said...

I agree, he has some credibility issues. They aren't helped by his demeanor. There is a reason why your lawyer tells you to clam up when you're in trouble, kids.

"Hurm" is indeed a Rorschach reference (I'm big Watchmen fan). I tend to employ it as a placefiller when I find a statement particularly curious or dubious.

Jason said...

Funny, I keyed on that same issued (about McNamee thinking that Clemens actually believes his own story) in my blog this morning.

Very interesting all the way around.

Is this being set up so that we get this on January 16th:
McNamee: I did inject Clemens with PEDs
Clemens: No you didn't
McNamee: Yes, I did.
Clemens: Did I know you were doing that?
McNamee: No.