Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Interview of MLBAM Presdient Bob Bowman

Maury Brown, with an interview of MLBAM honcho Bob Bowman. Revealing tidbit:

Bizball: With the Mitchell Report being released last week on, what, if any, actions did BAM do to prepare for what may have been the highest traffic day for in its history?

Bowman: It was not even close. Not even close to the highest traffic day for . . .the traffic was up substantially, but we’ve had days where we had 11 million visitors during the season during a regular day, and we didn’t get anywhere near that on the day of the Mitchell Report. We were in the 6 million-range . . .

Probably a useful fact to keep in mind the next time someone is going on about how the steroids mess has ruined baseball or what have you. Sure, it's important to the chattering classes (I've certainly written a lot about it) but your average fan is far more interested in seeing replays of sick double plays in August than he is reading what George Mitchell has to say.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your premise that the average fan doesn't care, but the website number is misleading. The Mitchell Report was available on every single sports web site on that specific day. People were in no way forced to visit if they had interest in viewing the document.