Monday, October 8, 2007

You just wouldn't understand, man.

Scenes from a celebration in Colorado, where the first LCS trip in the 15 year history of the franchise is bringing joy:

For fans it's been a long time coming and they are just going wild. Saturday night they were screaming go Rockies and sweep, sweep at 20th and Blake after the game."Colorado. It's excited. This is baseball in Colorado for the first time in 12 years. Everybody here is happy. You don't understand," said one Rockies fan.

Something tells me Royals fans (last LCS: 1985); Brewers fans (last LCS: 1982); Phillies fans (last LCS 1993); Pirates fans (last LCS: 1992); Dodger fans (last LCS: 1988); Rangers fans and Expos/Nationals fans (last LCS: never) know what it's like to not have reached the league championship series in the past 15 seasons.

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