Friday, October 5, 2007

Moving Day

Rockies' Game 3 starter Ubaldo Jimenez has a way to keep himself occupied between now and Saturday night's start. Moving:

Ubaldo Jimenez is in for a stressful Saturday night at work. Yet, his two-month lease is up, he has no new place lined up, and he's going to have to move on Friday . . .With Denver having turned deep purple with Rockies fever, you'd expect Jimenez's landlord would cut him a break and not enforce the lease. "That's OK," Jimenez said. "I want to move, do anything to take my mind away."

The way things are going with the Phillies, lugging a futon down a couple of flights of stairs looks to be the toughest thing Jimenez is going to have to face this weekend.

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