Friday, October 19, 2007

Dusty Doesn't Shake Things Up

Despite the new blood in the manager's chair, the Reds are bringing back most of the coaching staff next year.

Pitching coach Dick Pole, hitting coach Brook Jacoby, first base coach Billy Hatcher, third base coach Mark Berry and bullpen catcher Mike Stefanski will come back. Bullpen coach Tom Hume will not be offered a contract . . .

Whenever I see something like this I wonder what on Earth a bullpen coach could have done or not done that would cause him to be fired separate and apart from the rest of the coaching staff. Did he not answer the bullpen phone on the first ring often enough? Did Hume and Baker fight over a bar tab at the 1982 All Star Game?

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Pete Toms said...

What's the famous Billy Martin quote about assembling a coaching staff? Isn't it along the lines of, get 5 guys you like to drink with and a 6th who'll stay sober and drive everybody home? Somethin like that.