Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Return of Voros McCracken

Sabermetric titan Voros McCracken has returned from the wilderness, has a blog, and awaits the formation of a posse.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Voros is the man behind Defense Independent Pitching Statistics (DIPS), which remains one of the biggest development in baseball research since, well, Bill James' beard was all pepper and no salt. While Voros' own blog knocks DIPS as his "My Sharona" moment, he's being unfairly hard on himself. Even if he is a one-hit-wonder in the sabermetric world, DIPS is way more "Whiter Shade of Pale" than that awful Knack song. DIPS is sublime, inspiring, and bears repeated spins.

After DIPS-mania hit, Voros took a job with the Boston Red Sox. His first couple of blog posts hint that he'll someday tell the tale of those years. I for one can't wait to hear any dirt he may have. Maybe he'll turn out to be the Deep Throat that brings the Remy Administration to its knees.

Voros is slightly less famous for impersonating my wife on BBTF five years ago, launching a minor meme that was famous among literally tens of baseball geeks for a handful of months.

Welcome back, Voros. You've been missed.

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Voros McCracken said...

Thanks for the kind words, Craig. I think you're too hard on The Knack. Yes as skinny tie bands go The Romantics were better, but Good Girls Don't is a classic.