Saturday, October 13, 2007

Jocketty to Cincy?

Looks that way. The title would be "CEO" but he would likely run all baseball operations. Jocketty, though, is a GM and always will be a GM, so I can't help but think of this as a major slap at Wayne Krivsky. I'm probably in the distinct minority of folks who think that Krivsky has done an OK job so far, so I think it's an unnecessary move.

Next up, I presume: La Russa and Dave Duncan follow (even though the article says La Russa isn't going anywhere). I suppose that will be a positive for season ticket sales, but I don't see how they're the best fit for the Reds.

Update: I take that back. Jesus tap-dancin' Christ, they went with Dusty. Personally, I think this is an awful move. Homer Bailey should make his reservations with Dr. Andrews' people now to save everyone the trouble later.


Pete Toms said...

Does this mean that Dusty Baker is out as manager?

Shyster said...

I would have to think so. Maybe La Russa doens't come, but it doesn't strike me that Baker is a Jocketty kind of guy (and was obviously interviewed before Jocketty came on board given that's he's not yet on board officially).

Shyster said...

Obviously I was wrong about the previous comment. Wow. Dusty. Not good.

Pete Toms said...

What's happening in Cinci? I didn't see any of the writers predicting any of this - Jocketty, Baker.

We all know Baker's rep ( deserved or not ), burns out pitchers and doesn't like young players. What does this portend for the blue chippers Bruce, Bailey & Cueto? Will Harang & Arroyo's career's survive?

Is the hiring about no more than selling tickets? Baker is a big name.