Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I love the smell of synergy in the morning

A-Rod has been named the inaugural recipient of the 2007 "Major League Baseball Clutch Performer of the Year, presented by Pepsi," whatever that is. Anyone who bet on that before the season started can collect their winnings at the window to on the left.

I suppose Rodriguez is worthy of this honor. He really did carry the Yankees and did come through quite often in close and late situations, and that's what being "clutch" is all about, right?

That said, shouldn't we be a bit dubious about all of this given than Rodriguez is a paid shill for Pepsi Cola? This is like Jay Leno being named the "Doritos Late Night Host of the Year" or John Madden being given the "Ace Hardware's Most Valuable Color Man" award.

But good for Alex Rodriguez, who now finds himself slightly more marketable, and Pepsi, who now finds one of its spokesmen to be slightly more valuable as a marketing tool.

It's almost as if someone planned this in advance.

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