Friday, October 5, 2007

And Yet Trevor Hoffman Still Has a Job


Also Thursday, the Padres officially parted ways with outfielder Brady Clark, requesting waivers on the 34-year-old four days after he struggled defensively during the loss to the Rockies.

You knew this was going to happen, but I take issue with the use of the words. The word "struggle" suggests that Clark confronted centerfield on Monday night when, in reality, he surrendered to the position like he was on the deck of the U.S.S. Missouri.


Diesel said...

God lord, man, you are absolutely prolific right now. Keep this up, and Neyer's going to recuit you for the World Wide Leader (TM). You've got to tell me your secret.

Oh, and you were right about Ankiel after all. Leave it to me, the former sports writer, to underestimate the willingness of sports writers to treat negative events in sports as some kind of personal affront.

Shyster said...

My prolificness (?) has been to the direct detriment of my legal career. Thank god I don't care about the legal career all that much . . .

I really appreciate the Neyer links (and if you see this Rob, thanks again!). What few people know, however, is that I saved Rob's dad's life when he stepped on a mine in Korea. We never talk about it, but it will always be there in that space between us.

re: Ankiel: I've seen enough of those quotes from writers (just another the other day from some guy at the Sun Times) who claim to only root for "the best story." Setting aside how much BS that is (the news happens; you either write something good about it or not; the story can't do the work for you), it sends a strong signal that when a given narrative is abrubtly altered like Ankiel's cannonization was, writers get angry in the same way a carpenter gets angry when a wind storm blows down his frameup job.

BTW: are you and Pepe going to survive a 3-0 sweep? Does it make it feel any better to know that the Rockies are a Team of Destiny? Does it make it feel any better if, by losing, the Phillies will help to increase the Coolbaugh kids' college funds?

Diesel said...

I've always thought it was "prolificacity."

The carpentry metaphor is extremely apt, so apt in fact that it's probably inspired a post for me down the road (of course I'll give credit for the spark). So much of what I kvetch about w/r/t to sports writers can be traced back to their feeling that it's incumbent on them to make the story, as opposed to report it.

I'm actually a Padres fan, but as is often the case I've acquired no small amount of affection for the Phils because it's hard to not root for the teams your friends root for. Another friend of ours said he was happy the Padres lost, because he feared the dissolution of the TGWNA friendship; I pointed out that if we're still friends after the things we've said on that site, a five-game series wouldn't be an issue.