Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mo's Walk-Offs

Sure, you can go to and click links all day, but perhaps its most satisfying use is as a baloney detector. Example: I was just reading a story in the LA Times about what Mo Vaughn is up to these days. Answer? Rehabbing low-income housing. It's satisfying work, Vaughn says, but . . .

"This is very, very rewarding, don't get me wrong, but nothing's going to be like coming up in the bottom of the ninth and winning the game with a walk-off bomb."
I kind of looked at that for a minute and wondered: "Hmmm. Did Mo Vaughn ever actually hit a walk-off bomb?" In less than five clicks I had my answer: Yes, he did it twice. Here and here. He knows exactly what it feels like.

It's probably worth noting that the first one of those walk-offs came at the expense of Troy Percival. And as everyone knows, that wasn't the last time the two of them would do battle.

No point to any of this except to say, once again, how cool is.

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