Monday, October 15, 2007

Sparky Anderson Peed Here

The last bits of scrap from Tiger Stadium have been auctioned. The auction is over, but the items that were up for bid can be viewed here. An old 1968 World Series banner nabbed $3,800. That seems low. Al Kaline's locker brought $2,000. That seems really low, but its value was probably depressed by the fact that it was used by Lerrin LaGrow or someone after Kaline retired in 1974.

Anything seem overpriced? Sure. There's the "dugout urinal" that went for $900.

They had a urinal in the dugout? Thank God the 1984 World Series wasn't televised by closeup-obsessed Fox, or else we may have seen a side of Kirk Gibson that we could never un-see.


Dr Paisley said...

R. Mutt, he played 3rd base in 1917 for the Tigers didn't he? And I believe he was 3rd base coach for the 1935 World Series (Du)champs.

Shyster said...

[translating into Russian]:

Da, da.