Friday, October 26, 2007

And by the way . . .

Can someone please explain to me how a 2-1 game with 11 hits can last 3 hours and 39 minutes?


Osmodious said...

Yup...SEVEN commercials between innings (that's 3.5 minutes at a minimum, since some are 1 minute commercials). Compare that to the YES Network, which has 2-3 commercials between breaks, and ESPN which has 3.

FOX just blows. Their coverage blows, the commentary is awful (McCarver actually PLAYED this game? Are you SURE?), the directors are in love with the close-up (baseball is big game, a close-up tells me NOTHING about the context of the ball flying through the air, or why the guy who's face covers my entire screen looks so intent), they are terrible with the replays, and they have so many commercials that they often MISS THE FIRST PITCH when coming back from break.

Sorry for the rant, I could go on for hours about how bad Fox's baseball coverage is, year after year. Of course, it's not the only thing that leads to the long game...the pitchers (and batters) have some blame here as well. Just recently, YES showed the 'Farewell to the Captain' game from 1978. Guidry pitched for the Yankees, and Dennis Martinez for the Orioles...the catcher would throw the ball to them and they would get ready and they would pitch it. The batters were ready in the box...and if they called 'time', the umpire didn't always allow it. There weren't that many appeals to first or third on checked swings. When the pitcher checked the runner at first, they didn't start their whole routine of walking around licking things and rubbing things over again (because they didn't have those routines).

I saw a game from the '69 World Series in which Nolan Ryan pitched in looked more like he was playing catch with the catcher. The ball just went back and walking around, no shaking off 16 signs. Pitch, catch, throw, catch, pitch, catch, etc.

Pete Toms said...

The Canadian RSN that is broadcasting Major League Baseball's international feed of the World Series has some between innings coverage featuring Greg Zaun's commentary.

I missed it last nite because I was watching the FOX feed, but I read today that Zaun criticized Hawpe's inability in the 4th to hold Lowell at 2nd. McCarver was full of praise for Lowell's heads up baserunning.

Was Hawpe lackadaisical on the play? I know Buck and McCarver are effusive in their praise of all things Lowell ( he is a very good player ).

That was obviously a big play, Lowell scored the tying run on a sac fly.

Did McCarver miss it?

Shyster said...

Not sure, Pete. I think I missed that. ShysterDaughter was not wanting to go to bed last night, so I was up and downstairs an awful lot around the middle innings.

MamaSue said...

Osmodious, I couldn't have said it better myself. I don't know of ANYONE who likes Fox's sports announcers or broadcast, so why are they still around??

Shyster said...

Well, they backed up the Brinks truck to MLB, so there we have it.

It has taken a decade, but I have finally learned how to get over the closeups and gratuitous ads.

I will never be able to deal with a four and a half hour game -- which is what I think we had last night -- and I become less able to deal with it every year because, hey, I'm getting old.

I was flipping back and forth between Ohio State-Penn St. and the ballgame. I about plotzed when I my sleepy eyes flipped back to baseball after the football game was over, and it was still only the sixth inning. Oy vey.