Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Irrationality in Flushing

Bob Klapisch is stirring a pot full of A-Rod to the Mets soup.

I don't buy it, mostly because I remain convinced that the Rodriguez's primary goal in all of this is to get out of New York, either because he doesn't like to be in the fishbowl, his wife has demanded a change of scenery, or both.

From the Mets perspective it makes no sense because they are set up just fine, thank you, on the left side of the infield with Wright and Reyes. Sure, there's talk in the article about David Wright taking one for the team and changing positions, but to move him to the right on the defensive spectrum this early in his career (a) devalues him; and (b) sends a signal to Rodriguez right out of the gate that he is a profoundly special person for whom the Mets will move Heaven and Earth. While I still don't believe a team signing him is selling its soul, the Mets jerking their future around like that is getting there.


Wright seemed to feel Rodriguez was a perfect match -- and that was before A-Rod blasted through the greatest regular season of the last 50 years.

Um, no.


Osmodious said...

They could move Reyes to 2nd base, which I seem to recall he played pretty well when they were trying to get Matsui to actually, you know, *catch* the ball. As I mentioned yesterday, ARod has stated in the past that he would love to move back to SS...

Shyster said...

That could work, but if A-Rod can't hack it at short anymore -- our conversation about it from yesterday notwithstanding -- they have a serious problem. Not to mention the fact that Reyes is less valuabe at 2B than at short.

I still say that ARod is just as interested in getting out of NY as he is in getting paid, so he may only accept an offer fromthe Mets if they're the only ones in the bidding.

Pete Toms said...

Citifield in 09 and SNY - these are the reasons that A Rod could appeal to the Mets. Wright and Reyes are secondary. If this happens it has more to do with marketing the Mets than who plays where in their infield.