Monday, October 22, 2007

The Red Sox Effect

MSNBC's Mike Memoli notes that the presidential candidates shouldn't bother campaigning in New Hampshire until the World Series is over, noting that when Republican candidate Mike Huckabee filed for the primary last week -- and event which usually gets a lot of press in New Hampshire -- the Red Sox victory in Game 5 knocked him clear off the page:

The moral of the story? New Hampshire is deep in Red Sox nation, and another week of wall-to-wall baseball coverage means one less week of prominent political reporting. Boston NBC affiliate WHDH has said it’s holding off on serious primary reporting until the Red Sox run ends. That’s likely the case with the rest of Boston television, which is watched by many in the southern part of the state. And it probably means higher ad rates, too.

Hmmm . . . fewer political ads and less political coverage. I'll tell ya, I was kind of rooting for Cleveland, but now that I read that, I am very happy the Sox won.

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