Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Curse of Mattingly?

The Village Voice investigates. Its evidence (quoted by the VV from some randomly-forwarded email):

This is something to think about. Is Joe Torre the real reason why they lost or is it the fan favorite Donny Baseball (Mattingly)?

He was drafted in 1979...finished 4th in the division a year after winning the World Series;

1980 – 1995 Mattingly in the organization they don’t win the world series;

Retires at the end of the 1995 season after a loss in the first round to the Mariners. A year later (1996) Yankees win the Series;

1997 Mattingly raises the World Series Flag = Knocked out in the division series;

1998-2000 – Mattingly has no association with the Yankees = W.S. Champions;

2001 special hitting instructor in Spring Training = The Dynasty Ends;

2002 Hitting instructor = they lose in the first round;

2003-2007 Hitting Coach/Bench Coach knocked out every year...

In my view, curses are an absolutely ridiculous thing to blame for a baseball team's misfortune. This is especially true when there are countless rational, observable, and empirical factors which go into whether a baseball team loses a game or comes out on top.

Of course, blaming curses makes more sense than blaming your .314/.422/.645 MVP, inner-circle Hall of Fame third baseman, but some people still do that too . . .

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