Friday, September 28, 2007

A Presidential Politics/Baseball Update!

Last month, I exhaustively researched and detailed the presidential candidates' baseball bonafides. Despite my status as the world's foremost expert on this subject -- I think I'm the only one who cares -- Allison King of NECN obviously doesn't read my stuff in preparation for her role as a moderator, and during Wednesday night's Democratic debate, felt it necessary to ask each of the candidates to answer whether they supported the Yankees or the Red Sox.

Hillary, Dodd, and Richardson picked the Yankees, Red Sox, and Red Sox respectively which, Clinton and Richardson's demonstrated fan bigamy aside, more or less conforms with their previously-stated rooting interests.

Biden, Gravel, and Edwards picked the Yankees, Red Sox, and Red Sox. These choices perplex me. As I pointed out last month, Biden is a Phillies fan. If he can't stand up to the questioner's false Yanks-Sox dichotomy and give a shoutout to his boys, how can we expect him to stand up to Ahmadinejad? As for Gravel and Edwards, I couldn't find any stated rooting interest for them in August and have thus written them off as baseball fans. They probably picked the Red Sox because they were in New England. Yeah, that's just as spineless as Biden, but less offensively so in that they don't seem to be betraying anyone over it.

Three cheers for Obama and Kucinich! Each of them rejected the horseshit premise of the question altogether and went with their Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indian hearts. These are men with courage of conviction. These are men I can get behind. Going forward, Shyster is wholeheartedly endorsing Obama for President and Kucinich for, er, um. Yeah.

OK, I'm not that crazy. I'll endorse Kucinich for nice cushy ambassadorship and continue to respect his fidelity to all things Tribe.

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