Monday, September 17, 2007

I can't wait to see Rick Ankiel's commercial

Shawne Merriman gets a Nike spot that celebrates superior -- one may even say enhanced -- speed, strength, and stamina. But don't worry -- it's OK if a steroid-user is featured in a commercial if he's a football player. The NFL has had its testing in place a few years longer, so he's not a bad influence on kids the way a baseball player would be.

In other news, as long as you are a football player, you can be accused of a double murder, plead guilty to obstruction of justice charges in connection with that murder, testify in a murder trial against your buddies who were standing next to you at the time of the killings, and a few years later, quietly settle the wrongful death claims brought by the orphaned children of the murder victims and still sign a lucrative endorsement deal with Under Armor.

Barry Bonds, however, is still marketing poison.

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