Monday, September 24, 2007

Boras Tampering? That's Unpossible.

Clearly Scott Boras didn't become Scott Boras by being stupid, so I am highly skeptical of the stories about him talking to the potential new owner of the Cubs about signing Alex Rodriguez. He knows talking about A-Rod's future prior to actually exercising the opt-out is against the rules even if John Canning, the Cubs' likely future owner, doesn't. Even if he does risk having such a conversation, Boras is savvy enough to have set it up in such a way that no one could ever prove that he was within three states of Canning during A-Rod's lifetime, let alone discussed his contractual status.

Speaking of Canning, given what we know about how owners are chosen, I am not surprised to learn that the front runner to land the Cubs is a Friend Of Bud's. I am somewhat surprised to learn that the man who will likely soon be signing checks for the Cubs is also the CEO of the company that will soon own the Topps Baseball Card Company. It's always good when you can corner the market on something, but for a guy with as much money as he seems to have, you'd think that he could find a better market to corner than that of venerable, yet underachieving mediocrities.

Meanwhile, Mark Cuban sets his sights on Upper Deck and the Yankees . . .

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