Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ballplayers Remember Their First Time

A story about players' major league debuts:

. . . the first time is everything a deeply personal milestone is supposed to mean. Stirring. Magnetic. Seductive. Electrifying. But expensive?

"Shoot, yeah," A's outfielder Nick Swisher says. "Cost me $11,000."

OK, so there's always one in the crowd. Among Swisher's transgressions — for which he was fined by teammates, back in 2004 in Toronto, were riding the late bus to the ballpark, having "Brady Anderson sideburns," and generally not acting the way a player is supposed to act when its his first time.

I'm somewhat surprised to hear that ballplayers fine rookies for Brady Anderson sideburns, but allow Jeff Brantley mullets and Hulk Hogan stubble-beards to flow freely without any financial repercussions.

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