Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why Does Randy Hundley Get a Free Pass?

A rehash of the infamous Froemming-Pappas pefect game fiasco at For what it's worth, Pappas is still bitter and Froemming is still overplaying his role as Captain Integrity. We got it, Bruce: you are a monk, unconcerned with man's earthly motivations or desires, caring of nothing other than the sanctity of the strike zone.

Still, I'm still inclined to come down on Froemming's side of things, mostly because Pappas' general position remains "given the situation he should have given me the call" as opposed to "those were strikes!" Pappas is just like any other human being, so in the past 35 years I have little doubt that those pitches have moved closer and closer to the strike zone in his mind. It's over, Milt. Let it go.

This was the first time, however, that I heard this part of the story:

Larry Stahl, a .232 career hitter, stepped to the plate as the only Padre between Pappas and perfection . . . with the count full -- just the second time all game that Pappas got to three balls on a hitter -- Hundley gave the sign for a third straight slider.

Wait, Milt Pappas has just retired 26 men in a row, has an eight run lead, and is 1-2 against a guy with a career line of .232/.292/.351, and Hundley called for three straight sliders?!! What kind of game plan is that? How about three straight heaters? I'd even take two sliders and a heater, but for God's sake, why is he throwing junk at a guy who is only slightly more likely to do anything with a fastball than my aunt Ruth would have been?

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