Monday, September 17, 2007

Don't Hate Don Sutton Because He's Beautiful

The Washington Nationals held a baseball clinic for women on Saturday.

It was called "Baseball 101," and the participants heard from virtually every member of the coaching staff as they explained the aspect of the game they coach. It was also an opportunity to reach out to a different portion of the fan base. This was the first time the event had been held, and Al Maldon, vice president of external affairs, said that the team would continue to sell women on baseball and softball.

Fair enough. And it sounds, more or less, like they had an interested and, in some cases, knowledgeable group of women taking the clinic. Then someone let Don Sutton talk:

After the clinic, Nationals TV broadcasters were the featured guests at a lunch for the participants. Carpenter and Don Sutton, as well as reporter Debbi Taylor, spoke and took questions from the audience. Sutton talked about his playing days, but emphasized a record he claimed to hold that the female audience would appreciate. "I was the first player to bring a hair dryer into the locker room," he said.

You know, I'm not nearly as upset at Sutton for condescending to a female audience by talking about hair care as much as I am shocked at the fact that he, of all people, doesn't know that you're supposed to let permed hair air dry.

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