Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wither 756?

Mark Ecko of Ecko Unlimited has purchased home run 756 and plans to give fans a chance to vote whether to:

a) Give it to the Hall of Fame as-is;

b) Brand an asterisk into the hide of the ball with a hot iron, and deliver it to Cooperstown in that condition; or

c) Blast it into space on a rocket.

Ecko says he's doing this to "democratize the debate over what to do with it . . . the idea that some of the best athletes in the country are forced to decide between being competitive and staying natural is troubling."

I know what you're saying: "Blah, blah, grandstanding, attention-whoring blah."

But don't doubt the Ecko! This isn't the first time he has purchased a rarity at auction and followed it up with grand promises. Last year he was the winning bidder on two white rhinos, which he pledged to place in a permanent safe-haven. Seems that there was no truth to that rhino steak party rumor those dudes from FUBU were spreading, and the rhinos are now living as large as anyone can expect to live in a place like Oregon.

So I guess what I'm saying here is that if you vote for (b) know damn well that Ecko ain't playin'.


Diesel said...

This entire exercise comes across as puerile. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Shyster said...

I agree. It's like those people who try to organize gasoline boycots in some half-baked effort to stick it to the man. Pretty much attention whoring.

Now, if he had agreed to brand and/or shoot the rhino into space, well, then way may have had something.