Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What Kind of Ratings Does "Friends" Draw?

Given the de-Turnerfication of the Braves, it is understandable that they have become less of a presence on the Superstation and, after this year, will be gone altogether. According to this story in the AJC, however, they still get much better ratings in metro Atlanta when they appear on TBS than when they're on FSN or SportsSouth:

Local TV rating for games on FSN South and SportSouth

Before July 31: 2.9

Since July 31: 5.0

Change: +72%

Local TV rating for games on WTBS

Before July 31:4.3

Since July 31: 5.8

Change: +35%

Obviously the Braves can't force themselves onto TBS if the network would rather show Friends reruns eleven times a day, but you can't help but think the Braves would rather be there.

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