Monday, August 20, 2007


The first time I had ever heard the name "Tim Keefe" I thought he was some random middle reliever I couldn't place. Just sounds like some 1980s-1990s name, no? Guys who pitched in the 19th century are supposed to have names like Alexander or Tricky, or Gentleman or something, aren't they?

My favorite player of all time tied little Timmy on the all-time wins list yesterday, leading San Diego past Houston. He'll likely pass Keefe this season, but that is probably the last guy he'll pass. Clemens is next, but he's still going. Kid Nichols is two seasons away, and I don't think Maddux has two more seasons in him. Ability wise, sure -- he's basically a league-average starter now and could probably crank out average seasons for a little while longer -- but one wonders how long Maddux will feel like being average.

In any event, congratulations Greg.

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