Monday, August 6, 2007

Performance Enhancing Armor?

Mechanics expert Michael Witte argues that Barry has had more artificial assistance than the cream and the clear:

Beyond his alleged steroid use, Barry Bonds is guilty of the use of something that confers extraordinarily unfair mechanical advantage: the “armor” that he wears on his right elbow. Amid the press frenzy over Bonds’ unnatural bulk, the true role of the object on his right arm has simply gone unnoticed. This is unfortunate, because by my estimate, Bonds’ front arm “armor” may have contributed no fewer than 75 to 100 home runs to his already steroid-questionable total.

Witte believes that the elbow pad has done more than allow him to lean over the plate. Rather, he believes that it has enhanced and improved Bonds' natural mechanics to the point where Witte believes Bonds has engaged in "double duplicity" when combined with the steroids.

I have this feeling that this article is going to set off a big, big conversation about body armor.

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