Friday, August 3, 2007


Palm Beach divorces are always fun, but not often do they have implications for baseball, as this one does:

These really are the dog days of summer for Boston Red Sox owner John Henry. The nerdy Boca Raton bizman is quietly going through a divorce. Henry, 57, recently filed in a Delray Beach court against wife No. 2, Peggy Sue, 45, whom he married in Hawaii 14 years ago.

They have a tow-headed 10-year-old, Sara. And with the guy's worth estimated in the $800 million range, which includes the famed Major League Baseball franchise and a 164-foot yacht, this split will no doubt start drawing attention.

Things tend to get dicey when baseball owners have incentives to minimize their apparent wealth, and in the event the divorce with Ms. Peggy Sue gets ugly, Henry will have such an incentive.

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