Thursday, August 2, 2007

Pete Rose: As Classy as Ever

Who is really to blame when Pete Rose starts dropping F-bombs in front of a bunch of ten year-olds at a baseball camp and then tells them that losing is for suckers? Charlie Hustle, or the brain surgeons who hired him?

"It was a complete embarrassment," said Staff Sgt. Steven Tischer, commander of the Colerain-Highland Ridge U.S. Army Recruiting Station that sponsored the baseball camp for 7- to 14-year-olds. "You don't swear in front of kids, that's just common sense. He dropped the F-bomb and the S-bomb. He told them winning is everything and if you get second place you're just losers"

Among Rose's choice comments:

"His comment that he was (bleeped) off that Marge didn't leave him any money in her will and that she left it all to the zoo. His comment about how Marge loved to smoke and she would have smoked in her sleep if someone was there to hold her cigarette all night. His comment that he saw Joe DiMaggio in the shower and he saw more of him than Marilyn Monroe ever did. His comment on a good friend of his that was a gambler - and how I could go on."

Look, it's Pete Rose we're talking about. He can't help himself, it is his nature to be a dumbass.

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