Friday, August 3, 2007

How Does Hoffman Stay So Buff?

Shyster has sources fanned out all across this great country of ours, constantly on alert for the latest baseball news and information.

Ok, that's a lie, but ShysterBrother does work at a fast food restaurant in the greater San Diego area and just called to tell me that Trevor Hoffman and his wife came through the drive-thru last night after the game. According to ShysterBrother, Hoffman was really nice and didn't even complain when coworkers asked him to sign their paper hats. For the record: The Hoff got two orders of fries, two double cheeseburgers, no tomato, add pickle, add onions, a shake and an iced tea.

Hey, yesterday's game was a blowout. He's entitled to celebrate in style, right?

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