Friday, August 10, 2007

1967 takes us back to the summer of love and talks about how it touched baseball:

The Summer of Love was rolling full-steam ahead into autumn. Nowhere -- the outrageous colors, sights and sounds of San Francisco notwithstanding -- was it flowing more freely or emotionally than at Boston's Logan International Airport on Sept. 24, 1967. Reggie Smith, a 22-year-old rookie center fielder in the company of fishing buddy Carl Yastrzemski and more mortal members of the Red Sox cast, remembers in fine detail the humanity, the hysteria. You don't forget scenes like this -- nothing less than the birth of Red Sox Nation, in Smith's mind.

Hmmm, the Detroit race riots, starvation in Biafra, birth of Red Sox Nation . . . exactly what was so good about 1967 again?

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