Sunday, August 26, 2007

Score One for Age and Experience

I love David Wells. Earlier this evening, with his new team, the Dodgers, down 2-1 to the Mets in the fifth inning, the 44 year-old, 300 pounder leads off the inning by dropping a bunt down the third base line, legs it out, and is safe at first. I can't imagine that he's done anything like that since, oh, Clinton's first term. A Rafael Furcal single later and Wells is huffing and puffing on second. A fielder's choice gets him over to third, where I am certain he is going to drop dead from all of the running. He scores one batter later on a single, completing his 360-foot journey. Whew. I was winded just watching him, but give credit to the big guy for some savvy play.

Contrast this with teammate Matt Kemp. Kemp, not yet 23 years-old and possessing considerable speed, hit the single that scored Wells. Next batter is Ramon Martinez who doubles. Kemp is standing on first and running with the pitch, but somehow loses sight of both the ball and his third base coach and he only manages to make it to third base on a play on which he should have scored standing up. A couple of pitches later, Kemp is picked off third base, killing the rally.

I don't know how many more pitches Wells has left in that left arm, but if he craters, maybe he can stick with L.A. coaching base runners.

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