Monday, August 27, 2007

The Washington Nationals' Miserable New Ballpark

Because there is a certain sad sort of person who can't leave work at the office for even three hours at a time, the Washington Nationals are making their new park business-friendly:

The Nationals are targeting the Washington business community in their new 41,000-seat stadium with 66 luxury suites starting at $150,000 per season, an exclusive President's Club restaurant for the 500 seats arced behind home plate and a 1,300-seat Diamond Club one level up. There's another Stars and Stripes Club, which is available to holders of luxury suites and club seats. There's talk of a business center equipped with fax machines, a conference room, computer screens and a message center.

Attention Important Businessmen: I don't go to your office and eat peanuts and drink beer, so why don't you refrain from leveraging synergies or whatever it is you do in my frickin' ballpark, OK?

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