Thursday, December 13, 2007

We'll know for sure in a couple of hours, but . . .

. . . ESPN is reporting that Clemens is going to be named in the Mitchell Report.

Now back to your regularly-scheduled waiting.


Pete Toms said...

There is a god. Didn't I comment recently on this blog that I hoped Clemens would be named?

How will the rank and file sports fans who disdain Bonds react to this?

Please, please, please let it be true.

Diesel said...

Pete, I'm not sure the rank-and-file fans really hate Bonds all that much. It's just that the ones who do hate Bonds are the most visible, because the camera doesn't really pan over the sign in the crowd that says, "Hey Barry, we support you in spite of the fact that you clearly used performance-enhancing drugs because both MLB and the Feds have attempted to make you the lone gunman in a situation where multiple parties -- probably all parties involved -- bear an equal amount of responsibility for ignoring an obvious problem in an effort to continue growing revenues. Also, HIT IT HERE!"

As for Clemens? *shrug*

Pete Toms said...

What a truly great day!

Hey D, I itentionally used "sports fan" as opposed to baseball fan. My experience is that a lot of "sports fans" who are very casually interested in baseball are disdainful of Bonds in greater numbers than "baseball fans". I think more of us put Bonds' steroids use in a broader context. To a lot of "sports fans", Bonds is the face of steroids in MLB.

I'm keen to gauge the response to the naming of Clemens, not so much in forums like these ( no offense C ) but more amongst general interest columnists and electronic media pundits. Interesting times.