Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, the San Francisco Giants!

Yesterday I opined that it wouldn't be a good idea for the Giants to give up a good young pitcher for an OK, but nothin' special outfielder. Query whether giving up $60M for the same thing is any better of an idea.

Aaron Rowand, a man whose first name is the only reason he'll ever be compared to a Hall of Famer, just picked the best time to have the best year he's ever going to have. Good for him. It's not his fault that the Giants, who are apparently oblivious to a little thing called park effects, are going to throw good money after bad as he regresses to his career mean of basically league-average hitting. He might hit 18 or 19 homers next year.

Not that he'll be worthless. Rowand, according to Bruce Bochy has something called "that warrior spirit," so, you know, good for him. And really, given how bad the Giants lineup looks to be next season, he probably won't stand out as a total bust. Consider this:
Bochy plans to hit Rowand fifth, filling at least part of the void in the middle of San Francisco's batting order . . . As the roster currently stands, Randy Winn and Bengie Molina would bat third and fourth, respectively.
Allow that to sink in for a second. One of most venerable of franchises, with one of the richest traditions in all of baseball -- the home of Ott, Terry, Mays, McCovey, and Bonds -- plans on batting a Molina cleanup.

But hey, at least it's the good Molina.

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