Thursday, December 27, 2007

Los Drug Suspensions

Maury Brown has a detailed breakdown of the suspensions doled out by MLB since drug testing began. This is fun:

The following is a list of players that have tested positive more than once:
  • Angel Rocha - 2 Minor league (PEDs)
  • Neifi Perez - 2 Major league (Stimulants)
  • Luis Ugueto - 2 Minor league (PEDs)
  • Jorge Reyes - 2 Major league (PEDs)
  • Sergio Garcia - 2 Minor league (PEDs)
  • Wilson Delgado - 2 Minor league (PEDs)
  • Ricardo Rodriguez - 2 Minor league (PEDs)
  • Ramon Castro - 2 Minor league (PEDs)
Anybody see a pattern here? Anyone want to get Ozzie Guillen's take on this?


Pete Toms said...

A quote from Maury's piece:

"I would suggest that not all agents with players that do not speak English have not done their job entirely in informing players to the best level that they could."

I think that's a bit unfair - although I agree player agents have been complicit in all of this.

I do think steroid use is more prevelant amongst Latin players. Last winter - February I think - ESPN published an excellent feature about steroid use amongst players in the DR. The spin was that the "buscones" - baseball street agents - who operate approx 6,000 "baseball academies" in the country are exploiting the young players, encouraging / forcing them to take all sorts of crap. The desire to escape their desparate poverty evidently makes it an easy sell.

The same piece discusses Angel Presinal, a "trainer" from the DR. A quote from the piece, "Presinal has been a persona non grata around the majors since an October 2001 incident in which he and former two-time American League MVP Juan Gonzalez, then Presinal's top client, were connected to an unmarked bag discovered by Canadian Border Service agents at the Toronto airport. The bag had come off a Cleveland Indians charter flight and, according to a New York Daily News story last summer, contained anabolic steroids and hypodermic needles." Subsequently Presinal has been banned from all MLB clubhouses. Evidently he remains very busy with pro ballplayers during the offseason at his facility in the DR.

Yes, it is a bigger problem amongst Latin players. The sadder part is the harm done to the health ( are steroids bad for your health? there is speculation that properly administered they aren't ) of the majority of Latin kids who take them and never get off the island.

Anonymous said...

Geoff Baker has written extensively on the subject of steroid use in Venezuela and DR. According to him, there are no legal obstacles to steroid use in either country. See his Mariners blog,, or do an internet search on steroid use, baseball, and the country to find his articles that he began writing in 2005.

Steroid use by teenage males is probably pretty bad because the extra hormone can interfere with natural growth and their bodies are producing large quantities of testosterone naturally. The risk of moderate steroid use by adult males in their 30's with doctor supervision is minimal and many argue that, on the contrary, it would be very beneficial.