Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I thought talk of an Alexis Rios for Time Lincecum trade had died, but apparently it still may happen.

I've never understood this from the Giants' perspective. True, they have no offense right now, but moderately-powered corner outfielders are far more common, and are certainly worth far less than 23 year-old starters with electric stuff. The Giants play in a pitchers' park. If I were them, unless a truly special bat became available, I'd be inclined to try to build the best pitching staff I could and hope for the best. At the very least, I'd be talking to the Reds -- a team desperate for pitching and blessed with a surplus of young offensive talent -- before I'd be talking to the Blue Jays.

There can only be two possible reasons why Sabean is so hot for this trade: (1) Lincecum is hurt or they fear he may soon be; or (2) he thinks he's trading for 37 year-old Armando Rios instead of Alexis, which would at least more squarely fit Sabean's m.o.

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