Friday, December 21, 2007

Weeghman Park to be Renamed Once Again

Those accursed plutocrats! Some four score years after defiling the North Side's beloved Weeghman Park with a base, corporate name, plans are afoot to do so once again!

Tribune Co.'s new CEO Sam Zell said the Cubs will be sold by Opening Day, and that he may sell naming rights to Wrigley Field because such rights could be "extraordinarily valuable."

This purist's enmity at such transparently avaricious motives knows no bounds! Presently, all that stands between my current state of equanimity and one of unbounded ire is the knowledge that, unlike the time that scalliwag Wrigley imposed his unseemly commercial will upon the North Side's august base ball club, this time they will be duly compensated for the dishonor of shilling for profit-seeking enterprises.



Mike said...

Old Style Park is the perfect new name, in many ways.

Chris H said...

Can "Pepsi Presents ShysterBall" be far behind?

Shyster said...

Hell, I'd allow "Mello Yellow Presents ShysterBall" if the moolah was right.

Anonymous said...