Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Santana and the Rangers

When I see a story with the headline like "Rangers talk with Twins about Santana," I can only assume one thing: the drink prices at the Opryland Hotel are steep, and Minnesota's delegation was jonesin' for someone else to pick up the tab for a couple of rounds.

"You're interested in Johan? Sure, Mr. Daniels, we'll gladly talk to you a while. Oh, what are we drinking? Well, since you offered . . .um . . .well . . .we've all been drinking, er, that 1958 Glen Garioch, and wouldn't mind a refill. Gee, thanks, Jon. OK, what do you think you can offer us for Johan -- er, wait a minute, I think I was just paged. Hey, let's talk later, OK? No, we'll track you down. The cell phone reception here is lousy . . . bye!"

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