Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mazzone Looking for Work

Rockin' Leo Mazzone -- one of the better pitching coaches to ever ride the pine -- is sitting at home in suburban Atlanta, waiting for a job opening someplace:

Former Orioles pitching coach Leo Mazzone, who was fired in October with one season remaining on a three-year contract, said in his first public comments since the dismissal that he hasn't had any prolonged discussions with any teams this offseason. "I'm a pitching coach. I'll always be a pitching coach and I'm very interested in returning to that," said Mazzone, who will still make about $500,000 from the Orioles in 2008 . . . "I'm hoping something happens at some point. If it does it does," Mazzone said. "But I know it will down the road."

If I worked for a local television station in Atlanta I'd immediately pitch a new extreme sports show with current Braves' pitching coach Roger McDowell as host. "It'd be great Roger! Each week we'd feature you doing things like bungy jumping, sky diving, busting up drug deals, catching bullets . . .that sort of thing!"

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