Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Segui Used Steroids. Sun Rises in East.

Surprising absolutely no one, former Oriole David Sequi has upgraded his PED admission from HGH to steroids as well, obtained courtesy of Kirk Radomski. He's going public now in advance of the Mitchell report in order to let his ballplaying brethren known that he didn't name anyone's name other than his own.

You know, I never liked Segui all that much as a player, but I kind of like him as a figure in the steroid business. His frankness about his own use -- essentially saying, hey, there wasn't a rule against it -- will go a long way to undermine what I fear will be a whitewash of league complicity in the whole PED affair.

Bonus: sweet throwback O's uni in the photo accompanying the linked article!

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