Monday, June 4, 2007

Yeah, He's Going to Opt-Out

A-Rod hears the jeers:

"I heard some, but it's always in good fun," he said after his solo shot through the rain off Jonathan Papelbon gave New York a 6-5 win Sunday night and the rubber game of the series. "I think the Boston fan always has a lot of fun and I appreciate that. It's not a big deal."

I get the feeling that quote was vetted by his management team during a Sunday afternoon conference call during which plans for the A-Rod 2007-2008 Free Agency Extravaganza (code name: Project Anaheim) began to take shape. If he were truly staying with the Yankees, the quote would have been something like "Words don't hurt . . . [deep, composing breath] . . .words can't hurt me . . ."

After the media-driven hell he's endured in New York he's never going to sign with Boston, but he's got to at least keep the possibility open so he can drive up the bids from other teams in the off-season, right?