Tuesday, June 19, 2007

False Controversy of the Day

Eric Pfahler, of the Scripps Howard News Service:

With the June 28 All-Star voting deadline approaching, Barry Bonds might not get voted in as a starting outfielder in the National League. If Bonds does not get voted in, La Russa must make a tough decision on whether to add Bonds to the team . . .Beyond home runs – where Bonds ranks eighth in the league with 14 – the surly outfielder is not in the top six in any key category . . .

I realize that there are still some folks who want to pretend OPS doesn't matter, but by now I think we've reached the point where to suggest that it is not a "key category" is tantamount to sports writing malpractice.

Bonds is first in on base percentage and first in slugging percentage, making him the league's clear OPS leader. He also leads the league in intentional walks, which indicates that he is still among baseball's most feared hitters as well. He will either have broken or will be damn near breaking the career home run record come the All Star game which, by the way, is being played in his home park.

So, Mr. Pfahler, please explain to me again how this is a "tough decision."