Thursday, June 7, 2007

Road Trip*

Shyster is hitting the road for a couple of days. California if you must know. There will be baseball -- I'll be catching the Padres and Mariners Saturday night, and may get a chance to take in the Dodgers-Jays on Friday -- but I'll probably not be writing about it until I get back to stinky old Ohio on Monday.

Recommendation for the weekend: watch Homer Bailey's Major League debut Friday night. If I'm the Reds I let him break in against weaker bats than the Tribe, but then the Reds do a lot of things I wouldn't do.

Otherwise? Some other young chap is making his season debut in Pittsburgh on Saturday, which should be fun. Go Pirates.

Mets-Tigers looks like it might be the most fun of all of the interleague matchups this weekend. As much as I'd like to hate the Mets, they're a pretty likable team and the novelty of the Tigers being good hasn't worn off for me yet. If I get too wasted in California and end up sitting on my brother's couch all day Saturday and Sunday, that's the series I'm tuning into.

Hasta Martes.

*While I, um, borrow most of the pics that accompany my posts, I actually took this one myself. That's US-50, a couple dozen miles east of the Utah-Nevada border, on April 20, 2003. I had sort of lost my bearings around that time, and vistas like that one helped me find them again. Just thought you should know.