Friday, June 29, 2007

Why is This Man Smiling?

Because he's going to have a front row seat for one of the most entertaining depositions anyone will ever have a chance to see. At least he will as soon as his attorneys sober up from the massive champagne party they've likely been having since checking the docket Wednesday morning and seeing this:

A woman who worked on the set of the ESPN talk show "Cold Pizza" is suing the sports network, saying she was fired after complaining about sexual harassment by the show's host and a regular panelist.

In the lawsuit, which also names ESPN host Jay Crawford and sports commentator Woody Paige, Rita Ragone claims she was subjected to crude sexual comments from Crawford and that Paige pinched and fondled her.

Reynolds was allegedly fired over less egregious allegations than those in the Ragone lawsuit. His lawsuit claims that his termination was wrongful. At press time, Crawford and Paige still have jobs. It's also worth noting that at press time, Paige and Crawford are white as well. I can't recall if the Reynolds lawsuit alleges racial discrimination, but if those guys don't get canned now, you can bet your bippy it will be amended to do so.

There are certain things I would never want to do as an attorney. Prepping ESPN's human resources manager for his depo is one of them.