Thursday, June 28, 2007

Take a Bite of Peach

Skip Caray, who along with Andy Griffith spent a few decades helping turn a rinky-dink local UHF station into a national cable powerhouse, and who almost single-handedly turned non-southerners like me into Braves fans, will soon be demoted to broadcasting a handful of games for a rinky-dink local UHF station. This unwarranted indignity is brought to you by Turner Broadcasting, who will be changing the name of the local feed for WTBS in Atlanta to WPCH this October, and will go by the name "Peachtree TV."

While I hate to see one of my all time favorite broadcasters exiled to a low-fi ghetto, maybe Peachtree's apparent low-rent nature will enable someone to pull the trigger on restoring Two Mules for Sister Sara to its rightful place as the first bat off the bench for rainout programming.