Thursday, May 3, 2007

There Is No Such Thing As Bad Publicity

From, its . . .

Some highlights:

3. Wily Mo Pena, right-fielder for the Boston Red Sox. 6’3, 245, 25 years old. He might not be everyone’s cup of tea, cause he is a big boy, but sometimes that can be suuuch a good thing.

4. JJ Hardy, shortstop for the Milwaukee Brewers. 6’2, 190, 24 years old. Those eyes could have me being his slave for the remainder of my days. He is just memorizing. Even the horrible picture of him on the team page makes him look like my next ex-boyfriend.

Others mentioned: C.J. Wilson, Adam Loewen, Neil Cotts, Xavier Nady, Carlos Quentin, Brad Ausmus (?!), Ichiro, and Lenny Dinardo.

Gentlemen, call your agents. I see a photo shoot in your future.